Macon County has some of the most productive farm land in Tennessee.  Below is a partial list of the products which are produced in Macon County.


tobacco plants Tobacco.  Macon County is the #1 county in the United States in the production of burley tobacco.
stack of lumber Hardwood.  Macon County is #2 in Tennessee in the production of hardwood with almost 40 million board feet produced annually.
rows of soybeans Soybeans.  Rising awareness of the need for healthy living increases the demand for soy products each year.
A cow Cattle.  Both beef and dairy cattle are raised in Macon County.
red and purple grapes Wine.  The Red Barn Winery and Vineyards produces a variety of wines from grapes that flourish on their 100-acre family farm.
ear of yellow corn Corn.  Both corn for human consumption and corn for animal feeds are produced locally.
tomatoes Tomatoes.  Tomatoes are a large crop in Macon County and are shipped all over the country.
bell peppers Bell Peppers.  Peppers are also a staple crop grown locally.
wheat Wheat.  Winter wheat is a common crop in Macon County.
shrimp farm Shrimp.  There is growing interest in shrimp farming within the county.
several kinds of fruit Fruits.  A variety of fruits are grown locally including watermelons and cantaloupe.
several kinds of vegetables Vegetables.  Locally grown vegetables include carrots, potatoes and squash to name a few.

Many of the fruits and vegetables grown in Macon County are organic.  In fact, Macon County has the largest organic farm in the State of Tennessee.


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